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Steampunk Miniatures!

Steampunk takes us back to the Victorian era and it's fascination with steam-powered technology.  Machines were not only meant to be functional, but beautiful as well.   Form was every bit as important as function. Polished brass and copper intermingled with richly lacquered woods. Filigreed ornamentation and elaborate gauges flanked steam pipes, stove pipes, and boilers.  While many steampunk inventions work only in the imagination (hence, the allure of Steampunk to miniaturists), the illusion must be carefully crafted so that each gear and sprocket, each chain and wheel, seems to have a function.  The configuration of the machines should encourage the viewer to suspend disbelief (if only for a moment) and think to themselves, "you know, perhaps if such a thing (say, time travel) were possible, I think this is the machine that could make it happen!"  

I personally think Steampunk is a perfect fit for miniaturists.  With it's Victorian aesthetic and heavy reliance on imagination and inventiveness, it's a fresh and exciting new direction for us to explore.  It feeds our desire for story telling to go along with and "explain" our fascinating creations.

I hope you enjoy!  All I need is a reason to let my imagination play...

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