Mike Barbour Miniature Character Dolls
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About the Artist

I began making miniature dolls in 2004 by accident. After taking a one day class taught by a remarkable doll-maker named James Carrington, something awoke in me and I realized I could express myself through the process of creating "little people". For the past 5 years I have studied with world renowned miniature doll artists such as Jamie Carrington and Cat Wingler (both IGMA Fellows). I have become passionate about creating character figures which are life-like in proportion, yet have elements of humor, caricature, and emotion. I want my creations to evoke an emotional response. Whether it be a portrait doll for a family member or a more fantastical figure from your favorite book or story... I am committed to giving collectors a one of a kind creation.

I hope you enjoy what I do. It is a dream come true for me and I want to share it with as many people as possible. Please take a look at The Dolls to check out some of my work. Also, check my Show Schedule page for upcoming shows I'll be doing in 2011!

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