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Bibliophonic Extracto-Scriptor (BESsie)

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For the intrepid Researcher/Novelist as well as the Wizard/Historian we offer the patentedWondrous, Never Before Seen, Truly Unique & Revolutionary...Bibliophonic Extracto-Scriptor (we call her BESsie here at the laboratory). Now you can have any book or tome read aloud in the vocal styling of your choice (male/female/serious/theatrical/sing-song/throaty/etc.) BESsie reads it all, no matter how old or new... in any language! AND...the Bibliophonic Extracto-Scriptor turns your dictation, memiors, andincantation/spell musingsinto written words on the page in beautiful calligraphic style. A wide variety of ink colors are included. Even invisible ink! (trust us, it's in there).Be the first of your peers and colleagues to own this uniquely liberating piece of history!! Let your apprentice clean the tower...no more copying until his fingers bleed while you drone on about this dragon or that evil villain in his airship!

the Bibliophonic Extracto-Scriptor measures 2.5" at it's widest and 2.75" tall.

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