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"Gather ye Roses while ye may"...or Lavender, or Sage, or the scent of burning leaves, fresh cut grass, etc. If someone can smell it, our Sniffer-Still can detect it, extract it, analyze it, and distill it into bottled essence right before your eyes. Simply aim, turn on the the RA series Hyper-Olfacto-Nasal-Detection-Apparatus (RASHONDA) and watch as the far off smells are brought into immediate proxomity in tear producing clarity (Please note: when aiming at fields of wildflowers, please try to avoid large groups of grazing livestock! No one needs to bottle that "essence" by mistake) Works with all types of aromas, odors,and smells. Do you miss the calming effect of sea air while at the beach simply use the attached compass and map feature to locate thedirection of the desiredcoastline and bottle yourself the South of France, or the Italian Riviera. Olfactory bliss awaits you with the purchase of this one of a kind treasure! Includes 1 decanting bottle.

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